PROJECT - Cybernetic Dalí

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The immersive journey through the mind of Salvador Dalí allows us to discover how the geniality of his work is the result of an open, ambitious, provocative and also scientific way of thinking.

DALÍ : CYBERNETICS is an exciting journey through his most recognized works from a completely new perspective. Dali's poetic and dreamlike universe meets large-format projections, interactive installations, holograms, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

An immersive experience using the latest technology about parallel universes, quantum physics, the fourth dimension, optics, sacred geometry or DNA sequencing interpreted by Dalí through his works.

Dalí enters the metaverse through an interdimensional digital arts portal located in each venue. For the first time in history, allow visitors to an exhibition center to enter the metaverse collectively. A virtual reality experience with total freedom of movement that will invite visitors to spend fifteen minutes in Dalí's digital universe. A surreal and surprising world, a true Dalinian metaverse.
Each visitor will have a digital avatar to physically walk with their companions in a collective virtual space where the most recognized works of Dalí will come to life to immerse them in an impossible journey through four of Dali's par excellence environments: the sea, the sky, the desert and the void.

The immersive experience about Dalí and cybernetics has a team of artists, studios and local experts who guarantee the highest level of artistic innovation and excellence. A production of Layers of Reality and Exhibition Hub in collaboration with digital artists and studios such as Univrse, Blit Studio, Tururut, Burzon Comenge, among others. The soundtrack is composed by Rafel Plana.
The exhibition has been curated by Imma Fondevila and Anna Pou, working closely with the Dalinian Studies Center of the Dalí Foundation.

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